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Did you know that 98% of lottery players go and play without a strategy? It is of little wonder as to why they are always so unsuccessful. Auto-pick entries are also a big no no. However the remaining 2% of lottery players out there playing give themselves an edge. If you would really like to learn how to win the lottery, then you need to arm yourself with the same tools the remaining 2% of lottery players are using. Use a lottery system and let it pick your numbers. There are no guarantees, however these lottery systems greatly increase the odds in your favor and it would be silly to miss out on the opportunities they can provide.

Below are three winning lottery systems which are very effective and destined to increase your odds of winning the lottery.

Rank Lottery Winning System Score Description Download Now Link
1 Silver Lotto System 5 Star Score Silver Lotto System has accumulated 2.7 million dollars of lottery winnings to Ken Silver. Download
2 The Lotto Black Book 5 Star Score A specialized lottery system which produces winning lottery numbers. Download
3 Formula 1 Lotto 4 Star Rating A proven lottery system which can win prizes continuously. Download

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Secret to Successful Lottery Wins from Seven Time Lotto Winner Richard Lustig

Winning the Lottery Revealed

Ever wondered what the odds of winning the lottery are? Well they are one in 175 million, but Florida native Richard Lustig has beaten the odds of winning the lottery to win first division prize seven times. Richard is now currently sharing his story with the world and provided some three quick tips.

Top three tips from Richard Lustig which has one the lottery a total of seven times since 1992:

Don’t buy quick picks.

If you find a set of lottery numbers you are happy with, play them until you win. Each lose increases your chances of winning the next game. Whereas using random pick entries follows no logic.

Choose the right scratchies

Common knowledge is to play the small jackpot scratchies as there is less competition with them. Also when you do buy, buy at least 10 of the same scratch card. As it is often that a prize of some kind occurs 1 in 10 scratchie tickets.

Check your lottery numbers

Ensure the lottery numbers you play with have never been drawn. Winning lotto numbers are never repeated, so check the numbers you are about to play with to ensure they are not duplicates. Its kind of like lightening never strikes twice kind of thing.

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

This is simply a guide which may assist you with deciding on which numbers to play with on any game of lottery!

  • First and foremost you should take a look at the previously drawn numbers for the game of lotto that you wish to play. Try and get as much data as possible, the bigger time frame the more accurate the results. Once you have done this, then you must make a strategic decision on which numbers do you end up playing with. The “cold” numbers – the numbers which appeared the least or the “hot” numbers – the numbers which appeared the most frequent.
  • If you simply can not decide on any form of number combination, then use’s lottery number picker. You simply select the country and corresponding lottery game and it does all the number picking for you. Keep in mind though that the numbers are random and that there is no strategy behind the selection of these numbersRandom Lotto Number Generator
  • Or you can use this free supplied lottery number generator. 5 Numbers, 1 to 60:

US Powerball Jackpot now at $425 Million Dollars

Alot of Lotto Balls

The upcoming US Powerball draw is currently the fourth largest in Powerball jackpot history. Are you in the right place to win the jackpot?

Currently there are 43 states in the US which participate in the Powerball lottery. Some states luckier than others. Here are the numbers of each jackpot winning states:

  • Arizona: 5
  • New Mexico: 3
  • Oklahoma: 4
  • Kansas: 3
  • South Dakota: 3
  • Minnesota: 6
  • Wisconsin: 5
  • Missouri: 7
  • Louisiana: 8
  • Indiana: 11
  • Kentucky: 5
  • Georgia: 3
  • Florida: 7
  • South Carolina: 6
  • North Carolina: 3
  • West Virginia: 4
  • Ohio: 6
  • Pennsylvania: 16
  • New York: 4
  • Delaware: 3
  • New Jersey: 3
  • Rhode Island: 3
  • New Hampshire: 3
  • Connecticut: 5

Looks like if you are located in Pennsylvania you are in with a really good chance of winning the $425 million power ball! Good luck!

How to Win the Lottery Using These Winning Lotto Number Tips

Winning Lottery Numbers

A helpful guide on picking the right numbers and avoid the wrong numbers to help you pick winning lottery numbers for any lotto draw worldwide

1. Choose the numbers which are most commonly drawn

Hot numbers are winning numbers. Find out which are the hottest numbers and play with them. 44 tends to be one of the most frequently drawn number.

The other most common numbers are:

38 – 251 times

40 – 249 times

23 – 248 times

39 – 246 times

33 – 245 times

(These stats are for the National Lottery).

2. Avoid Choosing the birthdays of family or friends

Why? Because if you look above; 4 of the 5 hottest numbers are above the number 31, which aren’t actual birthdays!

3. Cold numbers

Apart from hot, you can go for the most cold numbers. Numbers which have not appeared in a very long time are bound to appear sooner rather than later!

4. Lottery systems and prediction software

There is a magnitude of lottery software or systems online which help you choose numbers on how win the lottery. A good example is silver lotto, and we have a silver lotto review.

From as little as $30 USD, you could gain in the knowledge of using various complex number systems and let mathematics do all the hard work for you.

Let us know how well you go at your next lottery game!

Toronto Sells a Winning Lottery Ticket – to the value of $30 Million Dollars

Lotto Max

Someone in Toronto currently holds a winning lottery ticket which is worth around $30 million dollars. Lotto Max officials state that the winning lotto ticket has not yet been claimed.

Hope the ticket wasn’t thrown out by mistake or left in a pants pocket and dumped in the washing machine!

Worlds Youngest Lottery Winner is an 18 Year Old from the United Kingdom

Euro Millions Lotto

A youngster aged only 18 has become one of the UK’s richest teenagers.

A close friend of the teenager insists his friend does not need any of the money as he does not spend any of his own money at all.

Another close friend of the lucky winner has claimed that the lotto winner has already donated a considerable sum to charity.

It is believed the teenager’s identity will be revealed shortly as his father has revealed his details to the Daily Mail, a leading British newspaper.

The total prize jackpot was $22 Million Euros!

Wow .. imagine having that amount of money at such a young age!

Two Lucky People Win the Oz Lotto $50 Million Jackpot

Oz Lotto Australian Lottery

A lucky woman from Sydney was one of two winners who was lucky enough to have chosen winning lottery numbers playing Tuesday’s Oz Lotto $50 Million prize draw.

The woman couldn’t believe her luck when her lucky number was drawn. She heard on the news that the winning entry was within her suburb. She checked her ticket and was gobsmacked that it was hers.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I realised it was me!” she said.

She does not know how she will spend her new fortune, but does insist that all her future travels will be first class flights.

The other lucky winner was also from Sydney. They too have no plans on what to do with the money except to purchase a new house.

The winning draw numbers were 45, 13, 38, 42, 31, 20 and 15. The supplementaries were 35 and 18.

If only these people could share their strategies so we all can join in the fun!

A Man Financially Struggling Wins the Lotto!

Alot of Lotto Balls

A financially struggling man has almost won $510,000 dollars after being lucky enough to win a division one Lotto prize.

The man won from a lotto draw, drawn on the 8th of June, had said he was sad to drop regular donations to charities due to his recent redundancy.

He said he will continue to give to charities with his recent lottery win.

The man said he will pay a fair chunk of his mortgage off and help his family members who too are finding it tough.

After the man had purchased his lottery ticket, he had joked to his family and friends telling them he will win this time around.

Well done, it is nice to see the needy winning lotto!

Lucky Lotto Winner to Receive Oversized Novelty Winners Cheque

Cash Money

New York Lottery officials will present an oversized novelty cheque for a total sum of $1 million dollars to a lucky winner in Queensbury whom won that amount from a “Sweet Millions” lottery ticket.

The giant cheque will be presented on Monday at lotto head quarters in Schenectady.

The winning ticket was purchased in a grocery story in Queensbury May 9.